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Wall Play

Saturday, August 1, 201510:00 AM
Monday, August 17, 201511:00 PM

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wall play

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wall play


Style Is The Limit @ Gallery 151 -- links to gallery 151 + Wallplay

This week-long solo exhibition covered a multitude of Matheus’ styles and subjects; he wanted to display to the New York community the breadth of his abilities, imagination, and originality.  STYLE IS THE LIMIT grew into a reality.  Included in the selection, was Caras e Cores, Street Calligraphy, the world-premieres of the MASTER$ series, and his abstracts, Color Code.   


Gallery 151 is the premier pop up gallery in the art-centric Chelsea neighborhood, known for it’s connection to New York-based artists of the 80s and 90s, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.  The gallery is well-regarded internationally and has endorsed the works of Matheus as an emerging artist to watch.


Curator and partner, Wallplay, was a perfect match to bring Matheus’ vision to life.  With several years of experience and enthusiastic creative minds, they gave life to the exhibition.