revolucidinyc X tokyo


NYC meets Tokyo for the first cross cultural experience of its kind: rev•o•lu•cid, an international art movement committed to the support and connectivity of our worldwide art community. This traveling residency debuted in Tokyo, April 20th-30th 2018, and is the first of its kind- dedicating its inaugural event to the progression of street art. Visionnaire Collective- along with Tokyo partner BnA- merged classic NYC street art components such as graffiti, block parties, and murals with inspired Tokyo street culture, culminating in a celebratory event and art presentation that honors cultural distinction bound by mutual inspiration.

revolucidinyc X tokyo

revolucidinyc X tokyo

rev•o•lu•cid invited six artists from around the world to collaborate, create, and engage the local art community, along with partners BnA and Anchorstar. Throughout ten days in a space hosted by Mori Building, the rev•o•lu•cid artists were able to co-create and display their work, resulting in two exhibit events and mural collaboration featuring Frankie Cihi and Matheus Goulart. Guests- including famed photographer Yasumasa Yonehara- were treated to live painting, musical performances and cocktails, while welcoming and celebrating the international troop of traveling artists.

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