style is the limit

style is the limit


Thursday, July 30, 20155:00 PM
Saturday, August 1, 20156:00 PM

gallery 151132W 18ThNew York, New York, 10011usa (map)

Style Is The Limit @ Gallery 151 -- links to gallery 151 + Wallplay

This week-long solo exhibition covered a multitude of Matheus’ styles and subjects; he wanted to display to the New York community the breadth of his abilities, imagination, and originality.  STYLE IS THE LIMIT grew into a reality.  Included in the selection, was Caras e Cores, Street Calligraphy, the world-premieres of the MASTER$ series, and his abstracts, Color Code.   


Gallery 151 is the premier pop up gallery in the art-centric Chelsea neighborhood, known for it’s connection to New York-based artists of the 80s and 90s, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.  The gallery is well-regarded internationally and has endorsed the works of Matheus as an emerging artist to watch.


Curator and partner, Wallplay, was a perfect match to bring Matheus’ vision to life.  With several years of experience and enthusiastic creative minds, they gave life to the exhibition.


style is the limit

style is the limit


The 3 day pop-up encapsulates the breadth of Matheus’ abilities, imagination, and originality.  Color CodeMaster$Street Calligraphy and Caras e Cores are completely unique:

Master$ is an impressionist response to the works of Caravaggio. The series’ three pieces are connected both literally, when placed side by side, and figuratively by the history and influence of some of art’s masters — whom Matheus greatly appreciates and respects — Basquiat, Haring, and of course, Caravaggio.  Included in this series as well are pieces that nod to other sources of inspiration for the artist such as Warhol and Picasso.

Color Code was initially intended as a backdrop for another concept.  When working to blend the paints in a vertical manner, an abstraction emerged.  Matheus saw the lines as a barcode; the parallel pattern used to systematically purchase.  He felt the outcome needed to remain simple and untouched.

Caras e Coreshis signature series, is a reflection of the human experience.  Each expression is serious, but given genuine qualities with the aid of vibrant color. In this series, the artist expresses a religious subtext without explicitly stating so.

Street Calligraphy brings the artist’s graffiti to a contained space on canvas. His writing unfolds into multiple perspectives to the viewer and is present on every piece — between abstractions, faces, skulls.  The tag, intertwined, spreads out into distinctive often amplified dimensions in gigantic “Matheus” calligraphy lettering.


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